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Welcome to Shaded, an Islamic nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading Islamic knowledge. Feel free to explore our website and discover the beauty of our faith.

CEO and Founder

Ustadha Lena Tleib founded Shaded on the Day of Judgment, a religious and educational nonprofit organization focused on the Islamic faith and education. Ustadtha Lena started speaking about Islam in her late teens, and it was not long before she was invited to numerous events and lectures. As her audience grew, Ustadtha Lena saw a clear need to do more, which led her to start her own organization.

The name "Shaded on the Day of Judgment" comes from a special teaching in Islam about seven types of people who will receive Allah SWT's "Shade" (protection) on a day when there will be no other Shade. This concept holds significant importance to Ustadtha Lena and fundamentally influences all activities and initiatives undertaken by her organization.

With Shaded, Ustadtha Lena has built a space where people can learn about Islam, grow in their faith, and connect with others on the same path. Her efforts are all about bringing people together, helping them understand their religion better, and guiding them towards living a life that brings peace and fulfillment.

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